North Wales Recycle I.T. CIC seeks to create and promote opportunities for recycling within the technology sector while giving back to the local community through safer recycling and refurbishment all the way back to the end user.  


Our business philosophy and core values relate to responsibility, integrity, professionalism and providing a quality service. 

We are a responsible organisation that is committed to preventing pollution, ensuring compliance with all environmental legislation and continually minimising its environmental impact as much as is reasonably practicable.

Environmental Strategy:

  • Minimise and prevent – where possible – land, air and water pollution.

  • Reduce consumption of energy and water use.

  • Minimise the impact of carbon emissions.

  • Full compliance with all waste legislation, guidelines and codes of practice.

  • Identify and manage all environmental risks and hazards.

  • Support and encourage all customers, sub-contractors and partners in achieving our environmental objectives.

  • Manage and improve all transportation methods to reduce environmental impact and lower fuel consumption.

  • Aim for zero waste and increased recycling rates.

  • Ensure all sub-contractors, and third-party suppliers conform to waste and environmental regulations.

  • Provide suitable training for all employees to implement and manage environmental responsibilities.

  • Establish short and long-term environmental targets to measure, control and improve our environmental performance.

  • Listen and engage with all customers to provide the best environmental practice.